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DPSG Schools are amongst the most preferred schools in the National Capital Region and it manifests in the ever-increasing number of admission requests. The embedded challenge therein is; as to how do we, as a role model in school education, journey beyond being the best and inspire other schools and teachers, while continuously improving our own practices and student learning outcomes.

DPSG continues to be the undisputed leader in academics; with its students being All India toppers in class XII, highest number of students qualifying for IITs, highest numbers of scholarships in NTSE, National Talent Search Examinations and KVPY, Kishore Vigyan Protsahan Yojana and more.

DPSG students are encouraged to participate in a range of opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. We are proud of our tradition of sporting success and achievements in music, dance, drama, art, public speaking, international exchanges and community service. Students leave our schools as dynamic and impactful global citizens, equipped to play leading roles in whichever walk of life they choose.

We look upon our achievements; not just as rewards, but challenges that beckon us and our students - to do more, achieve more.

Reinventing DPSG schools along several dimensions is our response. We work closely with families and the community by involving them in pursuit of excellence for their wards so that school and parents together are able to imbue attitudes, skills and values in each of its students so that they succeed not only in leading a good life but also in the profession or career they chose.

International curriculum, of late, has been of interest to us all. DPSG society’s oldest & flagship school is now an authorized IB diploma programme school and is preparing to secure authorization for International Baccalaureate programme PYP [Primary Years Program - Class I to V].

At another level, DPSG is now reaching out to children across India. DPSG Society worked closely with the Government of India’s UDAAN program for preparing young girls from disadvantaged families across India, for IIT JEE in the year 2015 & 2016, under the aegis of Udaan, a programme for the girl child. This endeavour of DPSG produced astounding results with 140 girls out of a total of 314 qualified for IIT JEE in the mains exam. DPSG also groomed, students from Manipur for IIT – JEE in 2016 at the request of Chief Minister of Manipur.

DPSG now comes to Faridabad by acquiring the erstwhile Presidium in Faridabad, which are currently being retrofitted and positioned to become the leading and destination schools, the schools of first choice for the citizens in Faridabad.

Om Pathak,
Chairman – DPSG Society