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The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.

We strongly believe that the teacher is the pivot of the educational process. A motivated, dedicated and well qualified team of teachers are our biggest strength who oversee the well being of our students and make sure each child should grow into an academically sound, morally upright and socially well integrated individual. A good teacher-student ratio (1:20) makes it possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child. The faculty is well-acquainted with usage of modern technologies such as computers, modules or over head projector for classroom teaching, lesson plans, assignments and evaluation to make learning more interactive and effective. 

Regular in-service trainings and programmes, keep the faculty abreast of the latest international and national developments in the field of education, which afford them the opportunity to innovate.
The Administrative Staff consists of a group of efficient and concerned individuals. Thorough in work and ever ready to help and give information, the office staff consists of the Accounts Department, Transport, Security and HR Department. These departments put in their very best to deal with all administrative matters and ensure that the school runs on well oiled wheels.