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Why Choose Top CBSE Public School DPSG Faridabad?

DPSG Faridabad – A school with a difference where every child is given a secure and a liberal environment to develop skills and abilities to think within and use knowledge as opposed to just remembering it for examinations. Teaching for life and encouraging intrinsic motivation amongst students to become superior human resource is what we strive to attain. DPSG provides an uncluttered environment for our students, inspiring them to develop intellectual curiosity, challenging them to create and try new things to be passionate contributors to the world. The school aims at bringing enthusiasm and expertise to the classrooms and emphasizes on character building qualities, with the goal of developing thoughtful global citizens, that make us Top CBSE School in Faridabad city

The atmosphere of DPSG Faridabad is superb with bunches of natural greenery and scenery. The school campus is surrounded with tall and beautiful trees, full of green grass. Apart from that, there is an enormous playground, vast open spaces all around the school which makes it a characteristic marvel.

DPSG teachers and students have remarkable skills in all the fields: academic, co-scholastic and sports with consistent high performance in the CBSE examinations also top performance school in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. IIT and Medical Entrance examinations. The academic norms of DPSG are exceptionally inventive and imaginative which enables the students to understand difficult issues effortlessly.

DPSG Faridabad endeavors to provide students with an opportunity and environment for multifaceted development, where the children are encouraged to bloom and develop to their potential. While academic excellence is amongst our primary concern, we try our level best to imbibe our students with appropriate attitudes, morals and values of forbearance, fair play, ethics, integrity, fortitude and perseverance.

DPSG Faridabad incorporates extracurricular activities into the system, which in turn motivates our students to aid them in realizing their real talents thereby building their personalities. Apart from that, the management regularly keeps upgrading the facilities and uses up to date technology to run the school.

The classrooms in DPSG are big enough and bright with colorful background. Each child has a pigeonhole of his/her own where he/she can upload the things easily.

The day of the students in DPSG Faridabad starts with an one hour sports activity wherein they play their desired game like Football, Cricket, Badminton etc. The kids get completely charged and excited to begin their day with.

Someone has rightly said: ‘Teachers can either break or make any school. Therefore, this school possesses an array of experienced teachers who are smart, witty and full of charisma which in turn gets instilled in their students. The teachers of DPSG play a vital role for their students by guiding them to a righteous path. The way they nurture and loves their students is heart rendering. The students find it easy to openly share their anxieties and frustrations with them, that make us different from others and DPSG known as a Best School in Faridabad.

At DPSG, there is so much to discover, one feels always active and competitive. The students design their own learning pathways, they can create and accomplish extraordinary things which are valuable to them. They can create healthy self-identities, do good work and act locally and think globally to create a better world in their near future.