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Lock Down, NOT Shut Down

To bridge the gap between the education system and ensuing lockdown due to the Corona virus pandemic, the teachers of DPSG Faridabad are successfully conducting online classes for their learners through Microsoft teams.

The educators are well- trained in the use of blended learning, audio- video control, whiteboard facility, sharing assignments etc. and they have successfully arranged for the required resources to enable them to deliver the virtual classes.

Students are enthusiastically attending the virtual classes on weekdays and during the weekends they are practising other activities like dance, music, art & craft and physical fitness and yoga through online videos sent to them through their respective activity teachers.

Remedial classes also occur faithfully every Saturday to help those students who need the extra care. Parents are also appreciating the virtual classes, as they do not have to worry about the academics of their ward during this testing time of lockdown. Also through virtual classes, parents are so involved in the online study of their wards, that they can closely monitor their progress, as well as watch whether their ward is understanding the concepts being taught in the sessionsThese online classes are being conducted under the watchful eye & proper guidance and support of the school Principal and our Management who are continuously monitoring and working hard to make this a fruitful endeavour.

They leave no stone unturned to make all online interaction engaging, meaningful and participative.