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Himanshu Ahuja 0

Alumni Spotlight: Himanshu Ahuja

Degree – Chartered Accountant (Semi Qualified i.e. final yet to be cleared); Aspiring eMBA Professional; Bachelors of Commerce Graduation – Institute of Chartered Accountants of India; Delhi University,New Delhi Current Position – Assistant Manager, (Governance, Risk and Compliance Services),...

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rhyythmmdeep 0

Alumni Spotlight: Performer & Lyricist RhyythmDeep

Name- RhyythmDeep Degree- Currently pursuing Bachelors In Performing Arts from Asian Academy Of Film & Television, Film City, Noida. Current Position – Performer, Lyricist, Music Director-Producer, Music Composer, Film Writer Please tell us about your...

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Avoid Eye Strain During Online Classes

The widespread outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has led to the adoption of online teaching mode by most schools, colleges and coaching institutions. All of them have now switched from the traditional classroom setting to...

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https://careeradvice.careers24.com/ 0

Going Online and Getting Ahead

It is often said that where there is a will there is  a way and this pandemic gave us one more opportunity to prove it right. After the lockdown,  schools were physically shut down....

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CBSE Board Exam 2020 - Top 6 Study Tips & Strategies For Class 10 & 12 0

The Best Study Tips for CBSE Students in Their Board Year

Board exams are a major indicator of academic success for students of Secondary and Senior Secondary schools. Board Exams are also important because of their impact on college and university admissions. Given the huge...

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Which is Better for Your Child's Development - Reward or Punishment 0

Which is Better for Your Child’s Development – Reward or Punishment?

What should we do to discipline our children – reward them or punish them? It’s is a debate that has been raging among parenting gurus, teachers, and parents. But in a sea of studies,...

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What parents can learn from Norwich 0

What Parents Can Learn from Norwich – a Town That Produced 11 Olympians!

The town of Norwich rarely finds a mention in the glossy travel magazines and doesn’t see a lot of tourist footfalls. So why are we talking about this little-known town with a population of...

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The Best Bluetooth & FM Transmitters to Buy 2019 0

The Best Bluetooth & FM Transmitters to Buy 2019

Even though a lot of drivers still prefer to use traditional CD-receivers, we are living in the 21st century where the world of 3G telephones and Wi-Fi network services allows us to play smooth...

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Have you ever witnesses an escape without an escape on iOS? It sounds befuddling, correct? All things considered, on the off chance that you’ve gone over TweakBox, you would hear what I’m saying. By...

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