10 Essential Quality Norms about Midday Meals Initiated By HRD Ministry

Midday Meals @ DPSG Palam Vihar

Midday Meals @ DPSG Palam Vihar

Midday Meals scheme was started in school to enhance the enrollment, retention, attention and improve the nutritional level among the children. It was launched in the year 1995 by National Program of Nutritional Support to Primary Education.
Primarily focusing on the school attendance, this program was designed to children’s participation in the school. It has become quite promising as far as the school culture of discipline is concerned.

10 Essential Quality Norms about Midday Meals

Nutritious and Hot Cooked Meals

The first norm which is to be followed quite religiously is to provide midday meal to all the children, throughout the year. The menu must have a variety of food options to offer, to interest the children and add a nutritious value in the meal. Keeping the health in mind of the child, the food must be healthy and hot cooked meal.

Micronutrient Supplements

All preparation of midday meal must have micronutrient supplementation components, which also must include mass deworming to address and teach the common deficiencies among children.

Enough Helpers to Help Through the Meals

Each school should have enough manpower to help through the program, without any difficulties or interruption in the routine day at the school. Each of the staffs must be fully trained about their KRA’s. All schools should have trained chef with an assistant to help them prepare the meal. They must also undergo training on nutrition, hygiene, and well maintenance of account and other essential skills.

Adequate Utensils

Each school should have enough utensils that are required during the preparations and after. Vessels such as plates, bowls, glasses, spoons beside the napkins and a water bottle must be in abundance for the midday meal regime.

Water Bottle

To teach a proper mannerism of dining habit, no meal vessel décor is complete without a bottle and a napkin.

Proper Kitchen and Storage

Each school must have an infrastructure that should especially have a kitchen, a dining hall and a proper storage. This is a key norm about midday meals.

Logistics Control

All the arrangement of grains and utilities, right from the time of order till the delivery must be properly be tracked.

Right Supervision

Keeping in mind all quality of the midday meals, an effective arrangement should be closely be monitored by the supervisors. A serious action must be taken in order to keep the quality and health of the children as a priority.

Social Equality

Cooking and cleaning staffs must be preferred from all castes. There should be no discrimination in the midday meals process. This will teach students that all castes and creed personals are welcomed to bring a change in the society.

School Health Program

Midday meal program should be interlinked with school health program. This provision is a lunch free of cost to all the school-children on all working days of the school to promote health and discipline activity.

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