5 In-Class Activities To Build A Student’s Confidence

Confidence, in the right spirits, plays a crucial role in shaping up a child’s personality and holistic development. It is amongst one of the greatest gifts we can give our students to enable them to be higher achievers. Confidence breeds success. The confidence implies that one is secure of who he/she is and unafraid to acknowledge that one doesn’t have all the answers.

Let’s see at various strategies that can help students to become confident.

  • Model Confidence: Children are great observers and learn on the habits that are modelled in front of them. Thus, for them to learn and exercise confidence, its important for the teachers and parents to be confident in various situations and occasions.
  • Social Interactions: The interactions people engage in outside work matters a lot in inculcating confidence. Students should learn confidence in dealing with strangers and social environment. Teachers should carry activities and plays in school to develop such habits in students.
  • Be Well Prepared With The Teaching Plan: Having all the ducks in line gives a teacher peace of mind and enables them to be confident while presenting the lessons. If the teachers are unprepared to teach, they can’t model confidence and scrambles around trying to get the act together.
  • Accepts Mistakes With Grace: A teacher who belittles or humiliates the students is the biggest destroyer of a child’s confidence. It’s crucial to teach students that making errors is a normal part of the learning process and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Praise & Encourage The Students: It’s important for teachers to motivate and encourage their teachers for their efforts and achievements. A teacher is a great source of motivator for students to try new skills and learn new things. Thus, they should regularly praise and encourage students for their little achievements and accomplishments.

IB teachers are trained well as per the development and growth required for the students. Our school, Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad, is regarded as one of the most prestigious IB schools in Palam Vihar, Gurugram. The school ensures that your child’s abilities are taken well into consideration and honed accordingly in building a strong character and positive attitude towards life.

Equipped with a lot of extra-curricular activities, DPSG is a premier institution which believes in helping your child achieve the path to success through various skills and computational thinking. The institute believes in the right to education and imparts it wholeheartedly. Check our admission section for more information. 

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