Alumni Spotlight: Himanshu Ahuja

Name: Himanshu Ahuja

Degree – Chartered Accountant (Semi Qualified i.e. final yet to be cleared); Aspiring eMBA Professional; Bachelors of Commerce

Graduation – Institute of Chartered Accountants of India; Delhi University,New Delhi

Current Position – Assistant Manager, (Governance, Risk and Compliance Services), KPMG Assurance and Consulting Services LLP

Please tell us about your time at the school with us? 

My 12 years of school life have been nothing short of riveting, to say the least. From 1999 up until 2011, the years passed by in a blur, overcast by the perennial bouquet of joyous choirs, vibrant libraries filled up to brim and the ever so caring & loving teachers.

What has been your journey since finishing your schooling?  

Almost immediately, I had stepped out to catch up with Chartered Accountancy, which seemed the most obvious superlative for a commerce graduate at that time. The internship period during this journey set me on a path of Management Consulting and a keen interest in technology driven process improvement solution offerings and internal audit for all of the associated and prestigious clients. I have since, based my career on the same and have been in the professional consultancy since 2013.

What do you believe the school has shown you/given you as a person?  

I sincerely believe that most of my presentation and communication skills have been a boon, that i have been blessed to receive from my teachers, the might of the moderated debates and caucuses that i have been exposed to, the immense and sheer magnitude of extracurriculars that i participated in and not to forget, the literary ocean of books, waiting patiently in the ever so abundant library. Most of what i have achieved till now is duly accredited to these attributes.

What are some of the proudest moments in your career?  

The profession that I work in, frequently calls for us, as management consultants, to deliver solutions and improvements across value chains of large conglomerates. What I am most proud of, are not isolated events over the journey, but the fulfillment I derive from being able to achieve a tangible outcome. Having said that, I am particularly happy to admit that the learnings absorbed from interacting with the illustrious management of multinationals, is beyond compare and certainly an achievement worthy of being a source of pride.

What inspires you to continue the work you do every day?  

As I said, the tangibility of value additions and the sense of imparting solutions and efficiency is what wakes me up to repeat and one-up, the previous day’s achievements.

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