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Before entering the school, it seemed like a fantasy going back to normal school life. It was assumed that it would be too weird attending physical classes, especially after almost eight months… but once we were in school, everything was back as before.

Wearing the school dress, meeting our teachers, studying without gadgets and with friends felt divine. The only difference was carrying the mask and the sanitizer.

Though our school is following all the safety measures and many sanitizers are placed in corridors, yet it is advised to be cautious and follow personal safety protocols.

It was fun having a face-to-face conversation with our teachers, even they were very happy after meeting us after so long. Though our doubts were clarified during online classes too, studying in the classroom with our classmates and teachers is just a different feeling altogether!

Teachers counselled and advised us and together, we formulated a strategy that we should follow for our preparations. Social distancing was maintained in the classrooms. It was restricted to walk without any work in corridors. It was fun sitting in the computer lab inspite of being in online mode for so long.

To conclude, coming back to school was a unique and  great experience!

Tanishka Semwal-
Class: 10B

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