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Austin O’Malley

After such a tense condition, back to school was really a different feeling. I’ve been in the school for a very long time but honestly I’ve never been so excited to go to school.

This pandemic taught us a lot of things. Mostly the importance of people who are around us all the time but we’ve never understood their importance.

When I got back to school I was really happy to see my teachers, my friends, corridors, tables, chairs and everything around. I realized that without them the school would have been a zombie land for me. And how can I forget every student’s favorite place – the school ground, I literally missed it a lot.                                                                  

In all this I even realized that classroom studying is much better than online studying. In the pandemic I was really lazy to study but when I came back to school I was full of energy and focus. I think the reason for this energy is separation from school for such a long time.

I’m really happy that the situation is getting better and things are coming back to place. I just hope that everything becomes normal faster and we all can enjoy the way we used to , definitely without masks!

by- Natasha Catherine (12th E)

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