The Best Study Tips for CBSE Students in Their Board Year

CBSE Board Exam 2020 - Top 6 Study Tips & Strategies For Class 10 & 12

Board exams are a major indicator of academic success for students of Secondary and Senior Secondary schools. Board Exams are also important because of their impact on college and university admissions. Given the huge importance of these examinations, it is natural for students to feel anxious about their performance.

Several surveys also indicate that Board Exams can have an impact on the mental health of students. That’s why, it’s important that parents and teachers provide the right guidance to students in their board year for studying and performing well.

The key to success in any exam, apart from studying hard, is to study smart. The CBSE 10th Board Exam date sheet and CBSE 12th Board Exam timetable are out now. CBSE Board Exams 2020 will commence from 15th February for both classes. So, today we are sharing some CBSE exam preparation tips to help students in managing their study schedules efficiently and perform well in the exams.

The final month of studies is quite important for students and these tips can be very useful in preparing for the CBSE board exams. At DPSG Palam Vihar, we help our students in developing a positive temperament for academic and sporting excellence. Our CBSE school in Palam Vihar is one of the best performers in terms of results and professional success of students in later life.

Tips for Preparing for Board Exams 2020

  1. Early to bed, early to rise: Sleeping early and getting up early in the morning expands the number of productive hours for students. While students often stay up late for studies, it is not very effective because at night our natural instinct for sleeping tires us quicker. Ultimately, it results in getting up late, which again disturbs a whole set of daily activities, reducing the time allocated for studies.
  2. Do not ignore daily activities: Ignoring daily routine, such as time for eating, relaxing or playing also has an adverse impact on mental health and increases stress. On the other hand, a full stomach and some time set aside for entertainment can help students return to the study table with a fresh perspective and renewed vigor.
  3. Set realistic targets: Studying smart means you are not setting goals that are beyond your reach. Students should focus on covering things that can be realistically achieved, such as covering the basics of each subject first and moving ahead step by step. It will also help in setting aside time for revision everyday.
  4. Mix and match subjects: A very neat trick for tackling subjects that a student finds challenging is to study it along with subjects they love. Mixing and matching subjects as per date sheet  can help in building the momentum for a well-planned and efficient study schedule.
  5. Solve sample papers: Another very effective trick for CBSE board preparation that can help students with anxiety about the time limits is solving sample papers. Solving subject-wise sample papers before preparing a study schedule can also give students a realistic idea of their overall readiness and help prioritize subjects accordingly. Solving sample papers also help students with slow writing speeds to build up their pace for the final examination.
  6. Practice relaxing techniques: Meditation and Yoga exercises are also an effective way of alleviating stress and anxiety. Studies also reveal that there is a direct correlation between concentration exercises and professional productivity. Employing these for CBSE board exam preparation can also help students make more efficient use of their study hours.

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