When The Heart Sees Important Things Than The Vision – Shreya Gupta

Hearts feels better than our vision perceives

Heart feels better than our vision perceives

The heart is not only to circulate blood but also to complete our vision. The eyes see it all but our heart perceives the intellectual side – emotions, expressions and the connected intangibles. Our eyes capture what is present in the surroundings.The mind analyzes it and registers everything. However, the soft knock and nascent expressions are held by the heart only. It is for this reason only, we never forget the sweet memories for the heart stores them forever.


In our world which is fast-changing, stereotypes, prejudices or biases existing in the mind often warp reality for us. Our heart always seems to direct the right way out to all the situations. At times, heart and the vision one sees are in a constant rebellion, still one needs to act in the best judgment of the situation.

“Seeing is believing” is a universally accepted thought. This seeing is completed only after one understands the emotions attached to it that is information underneath. It is incontrovertible if we say that without the operation of humanitarian values, we are no less than the robots functioning under set norms.

We see what we see

We see what we see

Sometimes to act, judge, review and determine the consequences of an event, our vision needs to be integrated with the tender heart. As the case may be, the human heart can be the third eye. The hegemony of the vision needs to be broken and situations are to be dealt with a conscience. Capitulation is never the solution to dilemmas.

All one has to do is to listen to one’s deepest feelings and believe in oneself, for the human is strong enough to endure the most extreme conditions. With grit and determination, one can turn the tide. The bundle of feelings – friendliness, truthfulness, positivity and joy and the likes are invisible to the eye. The healing and distinguishing power of the heart give life to them.

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Heart more important than the vision?

The heart is important for discretion and judgment as much as it is for human survival. However, the irony lies in the fact that most of us follow the things as they are and never try to reason things out. It is immature to accept things on their face without the ability to reason. Reasoning requires a view of the intangible elements involved, which fetches the best of results.

Take the example of the Nazi regime.The power holders had the firm conviction that Jews are born to be killed. The depressed emotions and the tribulations weren’t visible to their sans heart eyes. Ultimately, the negligence of the fundamental right to exist led to the distortion of their agendas, philosophies and even themselves.Thus, heart and mind driven eyesight supplement each other. They have to be necessarily clubbed to gain rationality in decision making.The inner sentiments may be without the voice, but when heard with a tender heart, they speak louder than the eye vision. It is the vision of one’s heart that binds us all together by a common thread of love, happiness, care, and respect.

Abstractionism has always ruled over concrete, visible instances. The short-sightedness of people reacting aggressively without getting into to the core of the matter is a direct consequence of not applying of the emotional context. It is the responsibility of the parents and other mentors to inculcate such values of seeing beyond what is visible in children. It is this quality which distinguishes one from the other. The success of the mankind, as an integrated group in order to care for each other, also lies in mutual cooperation and understanding.

This blog has been written by our student Shreya Gupta who is studying in XII STD.

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