IB Curriculum: A Paradigm Shift in the Education System

Today education is all about preparing and teaching the future generation the various aspects of coping with the umpteen changes, giving them academic excellence, and preparing them for future challenges. There is a massive teaching and learning revolution, which is slowly becoming the face of future educational patterns.

Basically, there are 3 essential aspects that are involved in today’s educational scenario. They are:

  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Creating an educative environment at all times

The earlier educational system involves teachers, students, and classroom teaching from books. This system has majorly promoted the students based on percentages of marks scored in various exams held in schools. But this method majorly lagged and lacked in making students learn the various skills and methods of facing real-life challenges and situations. Today, with the fast-changing world, it has become imperative for the students to understand and explore the aspects of education with a universal perspective. This includes imparting an education that is accepted by a wider world and not only by a local community.

School is an organization that imparts education and is designed to benefit the students with learning and various learning styles. Now the schools are implanted to discover the new aspects of imparting education and enable the child to do his/her own learning. The IB board schools reflect and evolve a system with the following practices and have become thoroughly popular with their overall development techniques and methods.

  • Collaboration: An IB school enables the teachers, students, parents, and mentors to collaborate and exchange ideas to transform the various methods of teaching. They are given a platform to work, and discuss the topics together and achieve defined and common goals.
  • Globalization: Globalisation provides an opportunity to connect diverse education systems and learn the best practices from all other schools of this world. Educating with multi-regional children, understanding their cultures, and accepting others gives them a global perspective. IB curriculum in a school provides just that.
  • Teacher Empowerment: Various teacher training is provided for teachers to enhance their awareness and skills in a school with IB philosophy. According to the IB board, teachers are required to be trained by reputed IB personals at frequent intervals to be empowered to train the kids for the future.
  • Rapid Technological Change: With increased emphasis on the digital medium, technology has become a part of our daily routine. Thus, our children are required to be trained and well-versed with all the technological verses and skills. IB curriculum is build keeping in mind this requirement and provides the best technological exposure to the students.
  • Extra-Curricular Exposure: This forms an important core for various skill development, necessary for the overall development of students. IB curriculum believes in the holistic development of students and provides enough exposure to all the students in terms of extra-curricular activities.

Our school, Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad, is regarded as one of the most prestigious IB schools in Palam Vihar, Gurugram. The school ensures that your child’s abilities are taken well into consideration and honed accordingly in building a strong character and positive attitude towards life. Equipped with a lot of extra-curricular activities, DPSG is a premier institution that believes in helping your child achieve the path to success. The institute believes in the right to education and imparts it wholeheartedly. Check our admission section for more information. 

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