Maharana Pratap Is My Mentor And Why?

Maharana Pratap

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In this era of the modern world, where we are forgetting out ancestors, I, Laksh Raghav, consider the legend Maharana Pratap as my mentor. The legend was the king of Mewar preceded by Rana Udai Singh. He is considered as one of the best kings of India and one of the strongest individuals in the whole world.

Maharana Pratap’s patriotism and his struggle against Akbar, the Mughal emperor is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard. It is said that even his arch enemy, Akbar cried at his dismal. Maharana Pratap is often considered as the first freedom fighter, who fought for his motherland. Even Pratap’s childhood was marked by hardships and even betrayals from some of his family members but even this did not stop him from rising to glory.

Maharana Pratap

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His battle of Haldighati is one of the biggest wars in India. Of course, his hardships and struggles are incomplete without his companion, his horse CHETAK. Chetak is considered as among the most trained horses in the whole world. Rana and Chetak were inseparable both on the battlefield and inside the palace. Although Maharana Pratap’s struggle was against an enemy who had a much bigger empire than what Pratap had, Rana Pratap never backed. One of his most trusted comrades was an Afghan which shows he never believed in the walls of religion.

Maharana Pratap

I can talk about that legend all day long but I wish I could become even one percent of that great man was. He has always been an inspiration to me and I always will respect him for what he did for his motherland.

The following article was contributed by our student Laksh Raghav, presenting his thought on account of the session,’Who is my mentor and why?’.

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