The Change in the Educational Techniques in the COVID19 Era

The most astonishing and prominent change we all witnessed in these COVID19 times was the trend of online education. What started off as an experiment has now become a regular course of action for all students and teachers. All of us have accustomed ourselves to this new normal and happily accepted the changes made in the educational techniques in this COVID19 era.

The various approaches that were implemented during this time are:

  • Approaches in Teaching Methods: Techniques like case studying, role play, field visits studio games are a few of the most effective methods in education, and students learn a great deal of information through them. But in the COVID19 era, a few of the techniques remain unexplored, and teachers depended on various others with full throttle. The role of a teacher today is to actively mentor the students and successfully make innovative teaching options for exploring new-normal online teaching.
  • The Emergence of New Flexible Teaching Methods: Schools and educational authorities have introduced new methods that are more enjoyable, less time-consuming, flexible, and practical. These new techniques encourage developing new experiences and practice existing knowledge from a different perspective.
  • Flexible Curriculum: A curriculum is made to enhance holistic and overall growth in students for their better future. When the teaching methods have changed, the curriculum also requires flexibility and endurance with the new trends. Thus, today the sessions are built up with a flexible curriculum that looks out for various methods to enhance the overall development of students in a limited capacity.
  • Exam Routines: With everything digitalized and based on technology, even exams are also conducted in a flexible manner and look for ways of the betterment of students. The new exam schedules and routines can be seen with loopholes but are the most informed and reformed way of conducting them during these times. 

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