Summer Sports: Top 5 For Kids This Summer Vacation

Summer sports for the children are the perfect retreat for the children on summer vacation. With no school time, they can’t sit still, kids simply can’t stay indoors for too long, and children despise doing summer break homework.

Here is why we have listed down top 5 summer sports for the children who are a powerhouse of energy. All the children and their parents, read our blog today which will help you find the perfect summer camp for you when it comes to indulging in summer sports.

Summer sports and children

Sports are the only great way of fun and activities for all the kids who love sports. For them, it doesn’t matter if it is a scorching heat or heavily raining, they just want to play sports. For the love of sports and summertime break, here are best 5 summer sports for all the children from the age group of 7-17 years old.

Top 5 summer sports for children


Get out and play basketball

Get out and play basketball

Basketball is known as a physical therapy for the players at the court. One of the highest intensity, and high agility activities, children learns how to coordinate, get better at concentration and cooperation. Team building and learning the lesson of winning and losing are the other great learning that child gets of playing basketball. The court is high on energy and nails biting when a player is shooting jump shots, hook shots, free throw, bank shot or even slam dunk.


Children can play the game anytime of the day and night

Children can play the game any time of the day and night

Cricket is a thrilling game to play. Every Indian child is a cricket fan. This game encourages team spirit, discipline and helps immensely in building character. Since this game is played between two teams and not individuals; it helps children to learn how to play keeping the team in mind. Children don’t really need any reason to play this sport. They are ever ready to play this game, any time of the day and night.


Care nothing about dirt and defeat while playing any game

Care nothing about dirt and defeat while playing any game

‘Have fun when playing football.’  – Anonymous.

Football is a youth’s game. It is like a throw in a fun activity for any kid. Children enjoy themselves at their most when they play football. It is quite competitive and up-tempo. Any kid who understands the language of organization, enthusiasm, and coordination, will love this sport.  This game teaches the kid new skills of communication between their teammates and the coach. Football is a great game to make any new friends as well during your summer break. 


Take your bicycle and go out for a little exploration of your nearby place

Take your bicycle and go out for a little exploration of your nearby place

Nothing beats cycling or biking when it comes to outdoor activities or sports. It is fun and exciting and children love exploring new places nearby to their abode. Riding a bicycle helps to keep kids fit and healthy. It helps immensely in mood uplifting. Cycling also helps in fine tuning motor skills which help further in muscle strength in the legs and the core. Who doesn’t relish the idea of freewheeling down the lane, feeling the breeze on their face?


Children can take up swimming classes

Children can take up swimming classes

Swimming is fun for everyone; irrespective of the age, actually. Getting into the water in this scorching summer heat is a reason to go for swimming. Children love getting into the water and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Swimming has its own benefit that keeps children fit and healthy. It helps in keeping the heart and lungs of the children healthy, improves tremendously in strength and flexibility, also improving in balance, posture, stamina and core.

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