Should Money Be Spent on Upgrading the Quality of the Classrooms?

upgrading the quality of the classrooms

Should money be spent on upgrading the quality of the classrooms, is a follow-up question to how the school system performs?

We believe, money must be spent on uplifting the overall factor of classroom status. Students spend about 15 years of their life in school education. The environment of the school affects the overall behavior and skills of a child during growing years. Having said this, the impact of a good infrastructure and ambiance of the classroom helps a student to be a good learner.

How Upgrading the Quality of the Classrooms Stands Important?

Improvement of the classroom is directing to development of the student’s growth, which is a success. Enhancing student’s achievement is quite significant for our Nation’s competitiveness. Recent research shows how physical classroom environment influences students learning and achievement.

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How does it help?

Building’s structural facilities profoundly influence learning by inadequate lighting, noise, low air quality are a few examples which are directly related to student’s worse achievement. Classrooms features like Blackboards, wall decker, whiteboards etc. affect students learning and achievement in their academics.

Our Indian students on an average spend 11,700 hours of their lives in a school building from preschool to std 12th. It is surprising that classrooms environment affects students’ academic performance.

Evidence shows that noise and poor lighting can hinder students learning and ultimately, achievements. So the policymaker should spend money on upgrading the quality of the classrooms.

  • More daylight in the classrooms will have less discomfort.
  • Excessive external noise hinder learning which causes lower students achievement.
  • Low air quality related to decreased students attendance and affects teachers ability to teach well.

Once a school has achieved minimum structure conditions it shows improvement in the achievement of both students and teachers. 


  •  The objects present in the classrooms influence the performance and shaped the student aspirations.
  •  The re-arrangement of the desks for individual or for group work would reduce the disrupting behavior for each other.
  • Comfortable seats will also show a positive response in the class and also it reduces the unnecessary fatigue.
  • Proper arrangement of chalks and markers will also reduce the unnecessary and wasteful movement of both teacher and students.
  • The audiovisual effect of teaching also influences the student learning capacity and also it is a very effective method of remembering the concepts in an easy manner. So, there should be proper arrangement of smart classes in every class.

For the students, to learn to their full potential scientific evidence suggests that students learning and achievement is deeply affected by the environment. Improving students learning achievements and motivation requires attending both structure and symbolic feature in the classrooms. And these efforts should be accomplished through a teamwork of management, policymakers, and the teachers.  

*This article is contributed by Ms. Smita Chaudhary, PGT Accountancy. Teaching is her passion and in her free time, she likes to read books and dancing. Also, she likes to spend time on finding easier methods to make her subject more interesting to learn. 
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