Why choose IB PYP program?

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As teachers or as parents, we want the best for our children. Enrolling our children in a program like the IB PYP ensures that they get the best education possible during this transformative point of their life.

 The IB PYP is specifically designed to be as interactive and hands-on as possible, so that students connect with the curriculum, and participate in engaging activities and discussions. In a standard primary year’s classroom, students sit back and listen to a teacher for most, if not all, of the time spent learning. This is never the case in an IB program, where student engagement is valued and recognized as an integral part of effective learning.

The focus is on concept not content. Along with incorporating interactive activities, the IB PYP curriculum is designed to engage students with real-world applications which connect globally. They are inspired to apply new concepts to the real world, thereby making the curriculum more tangible, memorable, and relatable to them.

The IB PYP smaller class size and individualized approach also makes education more personal, allowing students to bond with and trust teachers more, and teachers to understand and get to know their students better. The IB PYP goes far beyond academic subjects as it acknowledges the long-term benefits of teaching children life skills and ethical decision-making, making them future-ready.

—Minakshi Singh

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