World Heritage Day and its Importance

World Heritage Day - 18th April 2017

World Heritage Day – 18th April 2017

World Heritage Day is celebrated on April 18th every year. This day is marked globally and every year there is a specific theme dedicated to promoting the event. This year it is sustainable tourism.

World Heritage day is about to raise awareness of the importance of protection and preservation of various heritage sites around the world. It is a sheer effort and the chance to inform everyone that a lot of efforts are involved in protecting and conserving these heritage sites which represents the historical past of our lives and our environment.

World Heritage Sites and the Importance

These sites are classified as the natural or manmade structure that represents draws attention to an international importance and space which needs special care and protection.

(Fun fact: There are 35 World Heritage Sites in India, 27 cultural, 7 natural and 1 mixed sites.)

All the heritage sites in the world are recognized by the United Nations and the UNESCO. As stated by them, world heritage is important for humanity and they hold cultural and physical significance of the nation.

There are about 1052 World Heritage Sites and many of them are critically in danger.
This day seeks to raise awareness at a mass level in protecting the heritage sites and celebrate the positive impact of the sustainable tourism that can empower our communities and educate the visitors in the country.

World Heritage Day and the celebration in Schools

This day is celebrated every year in all schools and colleges to make the students aware of their environment and the importance of the heritage sites and invoke the compassion to preserve them for our historical significances.

Students from the schools take part in the celebration of World Heritage Day, making merry and joy with a lot of activities such as slogan writing, photo exhibition, quiz competition and a guided tour of the heritage sites. This practice helps children to spread the word and also create an encouraging spirit among themselves in regards to preservation of historical monuments of the country. 

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