10 Ways on How to deal with Teenager

10 Ways on How to deal with Teenager

10 Ways on How to deal with Teenager

Being a parent is not a daunting role, but a never ending learning and fun experience. Teenage life is one of the most important times of a child. The age of 13-19 is an age where you see so much of visible transition when it comes to appearance, mindset, and mannerism. We understand dealing with a sober or a difficult teenager is like – they are an alien!

How to deal with teenager

‘Connecting with them is the biggest issues for the parents’, suggests Psychologist. Most parents often keep a tab on their children, put unnecessary restrictions, make no point in having an interest in their kid’s life and complain why their children don’t really listen to what they have to say.

After going through a lot of cases where parents – students – teachers – and psychologist talks about how things are in current time, we have come up with top 10 ways to understand your teenage child better. Read below to get an idea of having a loving and amicable relationship between your child and you J

Be one step closer

  1. Open conversation:

The very first step in understanding your teen is to keep the communication channel open for them. We often just tell them what to do and what not. For a change just give them space where they fearlessly walk up to you and talk about anything.

  1. Build trust:

Assurance is quite crucial in any relationship. With open conversation comes, trust. For a teen, it is very important to be not getting judged. Secrecy and doing something unjust only happens when there is no trust foundation between the two. Trust your children and have faith that they will share everything with you without filtering anything but in their own pace.

  1. Listen:

How often do you listen to your teen child? It is one of the simplest ideas to understand your teenage child. Just stop instructing on them. Or for that matter, telling them what you think and feel about them. Try to simply listen to them. Lecturing them all the time will never help you have a good relationship with the children. Let them be the lead of any conversation, listen to them, and if required then give your opinion.

  1. Encourage:

Who doesn’t like to be encouraged for good? We all do. Be it any age. For a teenage child, they always look for a sign of being encouraged by their parents. Tell them they are different and they have an identity of their own. They can be anything and do anything.

  1. Spend time:

Time is one of the biggest issues to make a relationship or break it. Spend some time with them, focusing having a quality time. Take them out for a Sunday breakfast, or go for a movie and game day together. It only strengthens your relationship with them. It will help you both understand each other better. For a teenaged child, it helps them to completely be comfortable in your presence. Make a consistent plan to spend a good time with them.

  1. Share experience:

Children often pick to the way of life from their parents. The entire time lecture never really help them much to learn anything. It is best to always give them your own life experience. Share as many good stories from your childhood or the moments when you had learned something valuable. They will eagerly listen to you and it will somehow; sooner or later reflect in their deeds or personality.

  1. Sense of Humor

Being bitter and grumpy is not a fair idea of trying to figure out why you are not able to understand your child better. Lighten up a bit. It is not that difficult to be a little humorous. Sit with your children, share good moments, laugh about silly things. It is always a good thing to have a sense of humor and laugh together.

  1. Point mistakes

At times it is important to point your child making mistake. It only helps them become a better individual. If they have committed a grave mistake, it is absolutely okay to ground them at home, giving them no access to their friends, social media, and not letting them out of the house. They may not like it in the beginning but they will learn from this kind of behavior, that they made a mistake and must not repeat it. If you do have an establishment of good relationship then they will come to you by themselves and admit to what wrong they have done, which is a good sign of a teenager.

  1. Set boundaries

You know every good relationship has an expectation, rules, and boundaries. That also includes your relationship with your teenage child. It is essential for them to know where they can go and can’t go in a relationship. Be transparent with them about your expectations and have a clear belief system with them. Remember this – “Being too lax as a parent and trying to act more as their friend and peer will hurt, not help, your relationship.”

  1. Relax

Ever wondered when you were a teenager, did your parents ever think if you were from another planet? Each generation has their own trend. We should agree to this. Our time was completely different than what it is today, so a change of trend, language and interest is bound to happen. As a parent, one should learn to relax and fit into the ways of a teenager’s lifestyle.

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