5 Tips We Adapt To Bring Positive Classroom Behaviour In Young Learners

The environment of the class plays a very important role in keeping children attentive and intrigued. But many times, they lose interest, and that poses a great threat to the overall environment of the class. Many people take this as the fault of the students or their mischievous nature, but the reasons could be much deeper. It should be taken care by the school and the teachers to understand their behaviour and help to maintain positive behaviour in the class for the students.

Knowing the reasons will definitely help the teacher to formulate methods and techniques for a positive environment in the class. The various reasons why kids behave badly or disinterested in the class are:

  • They are bored
  • They are stuck
  • They have additional needs

Let’s see at some effective techniques to instigate positive classroom behaviour in young kids.

  • Have Consistent Rules: A teacher must establish some rules from the first day. They will be helpful for the students to understand the expectations of the teacher and his/her peers. And once a rule is made, being consistent is the key for all to understand its importance and accordance.
  • Get The Full Attention Of The Students Before Telling Them Anything: If a student is not focused on you, they will not be listening, so spend a couple of minutes gaining their attention. Better this than repeating your instructions to every student again.
  • Use Positive Words & Body Language: It’s important for students to be encouraged and motivated to have interest in the class. These things create a warm, welcoming environment for the students to enjoy and pay attention in the class.
  • Mutual Respect: If a teacher wants to be shown respect, he/she must role model the behaviour to the students. Teenagers especially thrive on being treated as adults. To have their opinion listened to is a very positive experience for them. 
  • Have Quality Lessons: Teachers should design lessons that are fast-paced, and activities should be scattered throughout. Allow the students to research and discover knowledge themselves. The more they are engaged, the less their mind will look for trouble.

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