Coding is the Future

Coding is the language of the future. No car can tell how many miles it has to travel for refueling, every digital device needs code instructions to interact and communicate with the outside world. This digital language has become quite habitual to the business world that it is predicted that in total about 400 to 800 million jobs would be lost and the AIS will take over. With this dire warning there should be no surprise to hear that more and more workers are stepping forward on the way of coding. In present there are more than 23 million coders and it is predicted that the count will increase to 28 million in just five years. Even though, one in three AI based business companies have a great struggle for skilled programmers that is why many businesses companies launch their own institutes of coding so that they are ensured for the future. They are Co-funded by the government and private sectors and operate in partnership with universities.

Coding is promoted as a critical thinking career. It opens multiple paths for self-dependent careers. The work is pretty rewarding but not in a mercenary way, the average salary of a code programmer is about 5 lakh rupees. Many future jobs rely on programming and coding. It is a little surprise that many education ministries across the world are beginning to give a way forward for schools to start teaching students how to code from a young age. About 90% of the jobs require IT (information of technology) skills today. The concept is very simple taking an idea and then developing it into success.

Programming is a career that is a lot more interesting and rewarding than some others career options. Some computer coding and programming jobs are software application developer, Web developer, and computer system engineering, analyst, and software quality assurance engineer and business intelligence analyst. Now at the end we can definitely say that coding is the future.

Written By-

Poorab Kale

Grade- VII

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