How To Ensure More Students Get A Passing Grades In Their Work?

Why in India getting good grades is considered as a challenge?

Why are we always so worried about our child’s grades?

Why don’t we see the overall growth of our child first and only focus on grades?

Getting good grades is a challenge for the students to give their best in the field of education, it is a challenge for the parents as well to make sure that their children should come first in the class or to get 99 percent or more sometimes in the exams. Students prepare themselves at their just prior to the exams and deliver it.

Actually, there is a temporary learning which is there just before the exams and usually, some students learn it for the sake of examination purpose and don’t get into the core knowledge and understanding of it. But, not each child is able to give or implement the temporary learning of any subject. So, there should be measures taken by the school or teachers to make sure that students do not learn on a temporary basis but they understand and learn the topic taught to them appropriately so that they can deliver the proper content during the time of examination.

It is really important that grades must reflect the quality of work and not just the sake of passing the examination purpose. The work of each student should be graded fairly. In a class of 30 students where mostly we see 5 of intelligent students, 20 of average and 5 are below average in their academic performance which has the direct relation with their grades. The trouble comes when in each class there are students which are unable to pass. Here comes the challenge for the schools, they need to work on what measure they can take to make sure that maximum, students pass from the particular class.

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The schools at their best can do is that not to evaluate the children just on the basis of writing for their exam papers but to assess them for their overall performance. Though CBSE has implemented CCE which evaluates the children on their overall performance CBSE has taken it back and again our education system is suffering whether to judge the child for its overall performance or just to pass them from the papers written by them. The measures are which schools can work upon are.

  • Light Grading– Not every piece of student work needs the attention of the teachers. Sometimes it is good to judge them on a simplified scale. It means assignments should be given to the students but not necessarily should be discussed in the class. This will enhance their skills of writing and explore which will help them to pass with good grades.
  • Multiple Choice Questions– Such questions help each child to have a choice where they can answer well. Because in multiple-choice questions we have options so in this case child can analyze and rethink his learned facts and them properly answer and sometimes get it correct too.
  • Test Corrections– Giving students their papers back after the correction motivates them to perform better because they learn from their mistakes.
  • Spreadsheets– Keeping the track of each student performance in the spreadsheet (Which is easier for the calculation purpose) is good for the teacher. Teacher gets the idea about the performance from the data analysis.

No Child should be left behind to get the passing grades because each child deserves to get promoted to learn and understand the further things with their age. A lot of motivation is required by the teachers as well as schools to work on such students more intensely so that they at least get the passing grades in their exams.


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*This article is contributed by Ms. Madhvi Vyas, an M.A. in Literature and a B.Ed. She is currently teaching grade 4 until 8.



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