How To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Holi With DPSG Kids?


Pichkaris, water ballons, gulal, sprinklers, this is how Indians celebrate HOLI. It is one of the most colorful festivals of India when we sprinkle colors on each other, and no one would complain. As they say, “BURA NA MANO, HOLI HAI”. Yes, HOLI is almost here. Amidst all the fun and frolic, we sometimes forget that 15 litres of water is used by a person in a single day (if we assume that he/she is using a single bucket of water).

Aren’t we responsible for water scarcity? Is there any way to balance sustainability with tradition? YES. There are many other ways to celebrate an eco-friendly HOLI. An eco-friendly Holi gives you the opportunity to save MOTHER EARTH and have unlimited fun at the same time. You won’t have to spend a single penny on harmful colors or any other useless products. Keep reading this post to learn HOW TO CELEBRATE AN ECO-FRIENDLY HOLI WITH DPSG KIDS.


WOW. Isn’t this a great option? You can make colors at home. Everyone will love this idea as there are no harsh chemicals or substances used in making natural colors. It has no side effects. Moreover, they are easily washable. Use gram flour, sandal wood powder, henna powder to make myriad colors. You can also use flowers like Marigold, Gulmohar and Beetroot to create vibrant colors. It’s also good for skin.


Here’s a quick way to make eco-friendly colors in HOLI:-

• Boil water. Put beet-root in the boiling water. Keep it for a day or two. Next day, you will find amazing colored water in the bucket.
• Get some black grapes and amla from the market. Cut them in small pieces. Mix all those pieces and add boiling water. Let it cool down. The result is black color for HOLI.
• Do you love yellow? Put dry petals of marigold flower in a mixer. Another ingredient you can use is turmeric powder.
• For people who love green, they can add neem, mint and spinach in a bowl of hot water. Keep it for some time. The same process should be followed if you want to make dry green color. The only difference is you won’t add water.


Stop throwing plastic bags and ballons with water. It’s the remains which cause harm to the environment. Your external organs may also get affected. Educate your neighbors who do the same.


It’s being said by our ancestors that LORD KRISHNA used to play HOLI with flowers. Dress up like KRISHNA. Ask your wife to dress up like RADHA. It will be a lot of fun for kids. This kind of holi is very popular in North India like Lucknow, Pushkar and few other areas.

To create the right atmosphere, you will need a good speaker and few 90’s songs. Another important thing to keep in mind is to the right arrangements for used flowers. You should not dump it in water.

Let’s PLAY HOLI the natural way!!

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