The New Education Policy 2020 suggests radical changes in the education system of India, which certainly brings in the 21st century skills of learning into actions and the competencies of communication, collaboration, character, citizenship and creativity into practice.  Emphasis has been laid on regular comprehensive assessments to develop reflective and independent learners testing the learners core competencies and skills giving due relevance to the vocational subjects which had rarely attracted the attention of the students and the parents.

The NEP 2020 promotes online and digital education and wherein the students to have multiple exit options across all subjects in the Science, Commerce and Humanities stream.  Teaching, Learning and Assessment has been transformed drastically which will reduce the burden the pressure of board examinations making it continuous, practical and project based.  Students can now enjoy learning putting their best foot forward as the curriculum in all the subjects has been aligned with the core essentials as no demarcation would be made between scholastic and co-scholastic subjects.  Skill based learning will find students develop inquiry based learning thinking critically through Group Discussion, Student Led Conferences and Research Essays. 

The secondary stage of 4 years and multidisciplinary study will provide the students the flexibility to choose the subject of their choice. The culture of analytical learning through interactive classrooms will help the students become self learners. The experiential learning will provide hand on learning experience to the students which would make learning creative, fun, exploratory which would benefit the students not only in understanding the concept but also applying it in real life situations. The students of Senior School can act as mentors through peer tutoring.

Mental and physical health and well being of the students is taken care of in the NEP 2020.  The basic training in health, mental health, good nutrition, personal and public hygiene, first aid and disaster response will help them practice it in their day to day life which will reflect on their over- all development and the health issues of obesity which is on rise will gradually diminish . The integration of vocational subjects would make the teaching learning process enriching.  The activities planned for various subjects would inculcate art, sports, ICT and story telling based pedagogy which would help the students develop holistically and lessen the burden of bookish knowledge enhancing creativity and love for reading.  The incorporation of AI projects would develop the scientific temper and the quest for innovation which shoot up the interest when they get engrossed in their project and lead to new inventions and discoveries.

If we build good citizens, we build a strong nation. Character building and citizenship skills will be developed in the students through various activities incorporated as part of their pedagogical practices. The constitutional values such as truth, peace, non-violence, unity in diversity, sacrifice, patriotism, honesty and empathy will be developed in the students which is utmost required in the present scenario wherein we notice the decline of values not only among students but in the society as well.  The incorporation of Indian Knowledge systems which includes tribal ethos, medical practices, forest management, organic farming will open wide employment opportunities for the students in future reducing the gap between the rural and urban areas.  Students will be acquianted with the Indian culture and traditions understanding the system of ancient India to modern India and dream to build a prosperous India with Indian ethos and values.

The assessment policy will help the students learn continuously and comprehensively as the board exams have been made easier. The NEP 2020, if implemented as documented and thought will have positive and everlasting impact in the transforming not only the students but also the society as a whole.

Written By:
Ms. Sapna Walecha
Coordinator Senior Wing

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