Indian Education System on Life Education

Indian Education System

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In the current phase of increased urbanization and globalization, children are way too confused about their life. There is an immense amount of pressure and confusion from the peers to be better and achieve great things. It has become customary for any child to perform more than his or her capabilities and make their circle proud. Children are pushed to do more than they can actually do or bear to do it.

In the current scenario of an education system, children don’t really know what they want to, how to figure out their way of being in a confused state. As a result, they face low in every aspect of their growing and learning phase of life. All these factors are actually pointing towards the same direction. What is Indian schooling system doing about it?

The education system of India has been focusing more on the development of a student’s capabilities rather really focusing on the ability to make rightful decisions in life. And it is no wonder, how children are low in self-confidence, have a natural reaction of hyperventilating on simple things in life, poor problem solvers and sadly are also bad decision makers.

Ever wondered why is it so?

Ken Robinson, British author and international advisor on education says that educational system works like a factory. Producing same old concept learners, following the age-old concept only, who yearns for a change in life but don’t really know what and how to do about it?

According to Robinson, a school has all the qualities that equalize to the qualities of a factory. There is a bell, separate subject with a separate facility, children being educated in a group as per their age and in batches. The education system is based on mass production and looks at a child as a product of a mechanical system.

This is in fact a grave situation where our education system has adopted this factory module and has been replacing classroom discussion to heavy textbooks with lots of heavy English words and question & answers in the backside of every chapter.

Life education has become more of a theoretical lesson making it dogmatic and preachy than a practical lesson which is more relatable and easy to adapt. Indian educational system is highly obsessed with producing individuals who will comply with the rules and regulation. The ones who are found to be rebel are chucked out of their good books. Children are seen as a product of a system, therefore, independent thinkers are highly discouraged and eventually, life education has never been implemented as a core subject in the scenario.

The importance of life education in a child’s growing life holds a lot of meaning. Not only does it help them grow as an individual who understands what is wrong and what is right in the society. Learning subject matter from the textbook doesn’t help them in a long run. It is the practical life theory that instills life lesson and teaches them how to voice their opinion, fight for a right cause and deal in life with a sensible mind.

Therefore, to enable such behavioral transformation in the child, the system needs to bring forth life education as a potential core subject that will help to shape life of the students and not restrict them to age-old concept of learning.






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