The Delhi Metro resumed its full services in the first week of October. Due to the outburst of coronavirus in India, metro services were shut by the end of March this year. The DMRC is under scrutiny. This time the security of the metro has updated. Coronavirus, whose size is no larger than a thousandth of a hair width, has become the challenge as to control the spread and provide uninterrupted public service to the people.

Ever since the metro has started, it has become the lifeline for the residents and workers of Delhi. Accessibility and affordability are the major pros of the metro services. DMRC is following all the guidelines imposed by the government like alternate marked seats to be left unoccupied between the passengers, maintaining a safe distance from fellow riders, proper sanitization and cleaning of metro after each trip ensures that there are no chances of catching the virus. Even the AC vents are cleaned each day so that the system does not spread the infection. All these measures along with mandatory sanitizers, gloves, face masks and shields, in my opinion, are enough to prevent this virus.

However, we must follow the social distancing norms as advised by the government, wear masks and sanitize our hands as often to remain safe. At last, I would like to say with all the precautions metros are safe and ready to run without any hiccup, given the passengers are following the guidelines.


Ms. Shikha Dhingra (Teacher)

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