Learning a New Language

In today’s world, interconnectedness and interdependence has been increased, thus being proficient in other languages as well has become the need of the hour as it is important for both personal and professional growth. It makes easy for you to build relationships when you know other persons language and helps you to express effectively when you travel. Here are some benefits for why we should learn a second language.

1. Connecting with people- One of the unique characteristics of humans is that they love to interact and stay connected with others and when you learn a second language through interaction, that is an added advantage for you. It makes your communication more meaningful and effective when you are interacting in someone else language.

2. Improves your professional performance- Nowadays the world is globalised and demands a language speaker. So, a new platform is available for professional growth. When you are multilingual you have more opportunities to grow and learn at your professional front

3. Boost your brain-Learning something new is like a portion of food for your brain and improves its functioning. So, when you learn a new language, it challenges your thinking and improves your memory. You apply your second language skills in different contexts and build connections between the new context and learned knowledge.

By- Rachna Sharma(Teacher)

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