Mental Health and its Importance in One’s Life

As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s life. The increasing rate is repeatedly getting higher and many people are getting infected by the virus. 

In the pandemic, there are many people who are also getting affected with their mental health, as they see the world being affected. They are getting anxious and depressed; many people who earn for their family are not being able to make profit and are facing financial crisis and end up being stressed. Many people who are alone in this pandemic are being affected by loneliness and are depressed by not being able to see their near and dear ones and are living separately.  People who work for daily needs or hospital staff are also getting stressed because the workers and colleagues are being infected too. 

As people’s mental health gets affected they are also: 

  • Concerned about their family’s health care. 
  • Their mental health causes physical illness too. 
  •  They get addicted to their devices because they live alone so they need a distraction for the loneliness. 

While people are having
Stress and mental breakdown,
they should also reduce it by :

1.Taking care of the stress level. 

2. Taking breaks from watching news and reading  about the disease- Researching for excess information about the    disease can make anyone anxious or stressed. 

3.Relaxing and Meditating-Relaxing and doing meditation will help keep both your physical health and mental health relieved and good.

4. Taking proper food which boosts immunity-
Taking healthy food can boost your energy and make anyone fresh and healthy; it also helps in good thinking. 

5. Interacting with others-Talking with friends and family will help people as they will have someone to talk to and not feel lonely.

6.Starting new hobbies– Being locked inside homes and distancing will make anyone feel lonely, so trying out new things will help us feel better. 

” The points  above may lead to a balanced state of mental health. No doubt, the present times are  difficult to pull through. However, a sound mind in a sound body is what matters.”  

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