Mental Health

“Eat fruits and vegetables! They make you fit.” “Go to bed! Enough sleep makes you energetic.” “No junk food! Fries make you fat.”

Okay, Mom, but what about my mental health?

It’s the 21st century, yet many of us still fail to understand the importance of our mental health. Students are under the constant pressure of studies. Engineers are working 20 hours a day because the client is running out of patience. The Prime Minister struggles to look after the whole nation.  Everyone is running in a race, no one knows the finish line of. We want to reach the top, but it comes with a sacrifice. We are so busy coping with the new world that we forget to focus on ourselves.

Every day, most of us wake up to questions such as “Am I happy with what I’m doing?”, “Why am I losing interest in talking to people?”, “Why can’t I stop over thinking?” It’s not the right way to live. Only a happy soul can live life to the fullest. The choice is ours, we can either start looking after ourselves or continue being a part of this never-ending stress.  Now the question is, what exactly is mental health? A person is said to be mentally healthy when he/she has confidence in oneself. It’s a state of being satisfied with what we are today and what we are contributing to society. Nowadays, we come across so many cases where a person commits suicide due to mental illness.

Depression and anxiety are the two major causes of mental illness. It generates in a person, when he or she stops communicating with others and do not feel confident enough to face their problems. If we continue to ignore mental health, then one day we might create a society with no happy faces left.

The next question that pops up in our minds is how to stay mentally healthy? It’s easy. Don’t keep anything inside you. We should not be ashamed of being emotional. We should be more expressive and communicative about our feelings. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes. If we won’t let things go, they’ll stay forever with us as a regret. Put some time aside for your loved ones. Pursue your hobbies and start looking at the positives in any situation.

Relax! It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

A few of us might be facing extreme depression, but killing oneself is never a solution. Contact a psychologist, get rid of the unexplained guilt and start living your life.

Today, let’s take a pledge to always share our problems with our loved ones. Let’s start explaining the importance of mental health to the young ones and take a step forward in creating a happy future. If you can’t find happiness, then create it and bring back the happiness quotient in your life. Always be happy because life is too short to be sad and too beautiful to be lived and cherished.

Written by – Prerna Kukreja (Class XI A)

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