How Participating in Competitions Can Benefit Your Student Life


The education system from past 100 years has taken over a huge turn. Gone are the days, when only academics of the students were targeted upon. A child was judged only on the basis of his performance in activities, and the qualities that he possessed in other co-scholastic subjects –was ignored or looked down upon.

With the advent of modern times and globalization, the education system has undergone a massive change. Now, the institutions try to focus on the all-round development of the child, by inculcating the 21st-century skills within him.

Schools have become a focus of a community of life.

Participating in competitions and co-curricular activities enhance a student’s performance.

It provides an array of opportunities for a student to showcase his/her talents and the approach towards life. Competitions also encourage students to analyze and evaluate their inner potentials. They play a major role in motivating students to excel in the way of life.

Sometimes a student who cannot perform or excel in academics can perform well in co-curricular activities.

Participation in competitions on a regular front provides exposure and outlook towards the realities of life. They provide you a platform for showcasing your talents. Sometimes, a child needs to participate in competitions to reflect upon his/her talents. It provides a diverse platform to the students. A student who cannot perform well in academics could perform wonders when it comes to taking part in different sort of competitions.

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3 Important Ways Participating in Competitions Benefit:


  • It provides a unique experience, where a student manages to learn about his potentials and weaknesses.
  • It enhances their concentration power and self-confidence.
  • It boosts their morale and provides them a platform to hone their skills and potentials.

Henceforth, organizing competitions at a school front can sometimes be the pivot of attraction, where enhancing the key capabilities of the students could be focused upon.

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This blog is contributed by Ms. Garima, an MA in English from Delhi University. Currently teaching primary classes from STD 3 up to 6. In her free time, she loves penning her thoughts in the form of poetry, writing what intrigues her around her world. She is extremely calm and composed and that really works for her profession, as kids love her too, wholeheartedly.


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