The term ‘Online Education’ was not very appealing in our childhood days. Internet was in the stage of development in the early 20th century as compared to now and the conventional wisdom about the online courses was different at that time than today. In the present time internet has made everything possible and accessible. Though it took a good deal of time and a huge jolt (Covid-19) for us to embrace the online education fully, but still there are few dark sides to it which are often ignored. No doubt, the online education offers ample of opportunities for the people who would otherwise had no access to education. A new paradigm for educators has also emerged in which plethora of courses of the highest quality are developed. In the current pandemic situation also, online teaching has emerged strong and as a boon to us. It allows students to be a part of high-quality learning anytime, anyplace and with ease of access with just a computer and internet connection. Today’s students even have the access to resources and materials that are normally available in either school libraries or high-priced book shops.

But the bigger questions still remains with us, will this kind of education help develop the interpersonal or social skills amongst our kids? What about the stress the online education brings with it? And we cannot ignore the associated health hazards that otherwise can be prevented with physical classroom education?

As per experts, sitting for longer hours in front of the computer can cause stress to eyes and our mental health and also leads to health problems like obesity, tiredness, headaches etc. Unlike classroom education, kids do not get breaks to run around the corridor, playing in the ground or having interactions with their peers. They cannot enjoy the small classroom parties, the sports competitions or the annual functions. At the small age of 9 or 10 Years, they are given numerous online assessments and a number of presentations to make. While there is no denial that the need of the hour demands us to change with the changing times and have a growth mindset but at the same time it’s all the more important for us that we also leave some space for our kids to develop interpersonal skills in their lives along with taking care of ours and their mental and physical health.

Moumita Dey Roy

Parent of Indraneel Dey Roy, Grade V

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