In the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools around the globe closed their physical plants and turned to online learning as a means of educational impartment. By the end of academic year, more than 1,100 colleges and universities have closed their doors to students as well as teachers, impacting some 14 million students. It was also estimated that almost one third of public and private K-12 schools had closed, affecting the academic and social life of millions of children. Not only the schools but day care centers where millions of parents leave their children so that they can work were also closed and it left the parents with no choice than to sit at home and perform both the duties of work and children.
The opening of schools for senior classes is somewhat a breather for the parents as well as students but it is also a challenge for the school authorities to follow the guidelines given by government to ensure the safety of children in the pandemic. The school authorities have taken utmost precautions to validate the safety of the students in the form of regular temperature check, pulse reading and levels of oxygen on daily basis. The record is maintained by the school for future reference. Wearing of masks is the new normal which the students have also accepted and started following the social distancing norms in school which has encouraging the government in moving forward towards opening of the primary schools.

By: Jyoti Anand


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