How often does this happen: you returned from a long day at work, stretches over the sofa for a few seconds of relief. Your wife walks out from the kitchen with a glass of water and hands out the electricity bill to you. “6000 rupees for 45 days? Are we living in a 5-star hotel?” your stressed-out mind spoke.

That is pretty much the story of every second household living off the expensive leisure of a metropolitan city. Well, a plausible yet elaborate solution to this problem is adopting a self-sustaining lifestyle. What exactly is self-sustainability, you may ask? The most widely accepted definition of self-sustainability is the ability to fulfill one’s needs without external assistance.

I read multiple articles on how to live a self-sufficient life, but apparently, Google wants you to move to farmland first and then think about the next step. No, ’m not going to ask you to spend loads of money on buying acres of land, then set up a solar thermal system, a wind turbine, and rear cattle and chickens.

In my opinion, your first step should be to set a goal. Plan the next six months of your life, imagining that you don’t live in a city anymore. Instead, assume that you are in an undeveloped place from where you can’t go back.

Let’s begin from scratch, converting your lawn into a kitchen garden. Growing vegetables and fruits at home not only saves you a fortune of money but also promises a healthy, chemical-free meal. Giving up expensive gadgets and fuel-consuming vehicles is the next best effort you can make to ditch the rising fuel costs. The time you used to spend on TV, or phone, can be replaced by socializing with your community and building strong connections with people. Walking to nearby places and cycling to the workplace is the cheapest means to cut off petrol expenses. I agree that planting solar panels on the roof can be very costly, but we can’t deny the long-term benefits that it offers. Moreover, to save money on water supplies, drawing water from wells or adopting a rooftop harvesting system could be helpful.

To improve your lifestyle to a point where you are entirely dependent on self, the two qualities you should embed in yourself are frugality and motivation. Adopting a simple lifestyle would help you leave all unnecessary worldly pleasures and lead a more satisfying life. I know that changing your way of living overnight is not possible. The journey can be challenging and discouraging, but it’s necessary to stay motivated to achieve your goals. It’s also noteworthy that you should avoid debts as much as possible. A debt trap does not take much time to form and can be very depressing. Keep finding new ways to work and keep yourself busy. It keeps you motivated and generates more income. 

In conclusion, I’d say that determination and hard work are the keys that will take you to a self-sufficient life. So, best of luck!

By: Prerna Kukreja

Class XII A

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