Should primary schools reopen?

The year 2020 has taken a toll on human civilization in the form of the Corona Pandemic. Life came to a standstill, mystifying humans all over the globe. For the last one-year government is exerting itself to limit the spread of the deadly virus, and to a certain extent came out victorious, vanquishing the pandemic.  Under standard and usual circumstance, millions of children would be entering primary grades this year. Many parents and educators are reasonably concerned, however, about whether any large-scale reopening plan can ensure safety for students, school staff, and household members, without giving high levels of community transmission. After several months of implementing stringent control measures in the senior school, the government is now gaining ground over the primary school. DPSG SL is of the opinion that primary classes are an essential part of a student’s life and that the reopening of the schools will be planned and developed methodically.

We cannot deny the fact that in the year 2020 the children have missed their academic, social-emotional, and other necessary development when they were kept at home. So, to avoid any learning gaps it is the need of the hour for all the educational institutes to pull up their socks and turn over a new leaf and start afresh. Whether to reopen primary schools is not just a question, it is a moral and emotional responsibility of each, and every individual concerned. It is our sense of responsibility to provide a safe environment for our children in these times of distress.

By: Shubhi Basantani


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