Thoughts on Group-Based Learning

The structure followed by the education systems across the world highly impacts the performance of an individual. Many believe that the schools should promote Group-Based Learning while others stress over the Mixed-Ability Learning Approach. According to me, adopting the required system should entirely depend upon the interest of the students, their guardians and the assessment of the teachers. Students can be grouped in a number of ways, based on grades, skills, abilities and interests. Children growing in the vicinity of students with common skill-set would certainly make the students feel more comfortable and motivated towards learning. The sense of resentment and isolation would no longer prevail among the blooming minds. Further, it would be beneficial for the educator to focus more on the slow-learners and nurture their capabilities and talent. To cite an example, in a mixed-group environment, a poor student might feel inferior and de-motivated to speak up for his needs and desires.

Co-learning or mixed-group learning environment offers a lot more to the learners. While studying with the students of same pace and knowledge, they get deprived of the importance of healthy competition. Exposure to a variety of skills offer them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and think out of the box. For example, students would get to learn by spending time with each other; as it is a well-known fact that the young minds get influenced by their peers more than the elders. The ultimate goal is that the students should be taught in a healthy environment and should be provided proper guidance based on their needs, mind-set and pace of learning. Adopting a correct education system will impact the future of the students and make them better citizens of the country.

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