What Makes Students Highly Successful in Academics?

They are proactive:

Successful students plan ahead for their goals reducing risk and stress by avoiding last-minute panics before assignments and night before tests.

They know where they’re going…

Successful students have a plan for the future. This doesn’t necessarily mean having an entire career mapped out in detail, but certainly some firm ideas for where they want to be in 2-3 years’ time. What do you want to be studying? Where do you want to go to University? What do you need to achieve now to make that possible?

And they focus on getting there…

Successful students put first things first: prioritizing long-term ambition over having fun at the moment. That doesn’t mean never hanging out with friends, watching TV, or gaming, it just means putting things in the proper order, doing studies first, and relaxing when the work is done. And when they are studying, they avoid distractions and turn the phone off, to fully focus on the task at hand – as a result, often getting assignments done quicker as well as to a better standard.

They persevere…

Successful students are “gritty”: deploying deliberate, sustained effort to get to grips with things that seem tough at first.

They use aspirational language: when talking to themselves or others: “I can’t” becomes “I can’t yet”. They know there is always room for growth, for barriers to be climbed.

They study smart….

Successful students spend most of their study and revision time on high-quality learning techniques. In particular, they use a paced learning schedule to revisit knowledge over time. They know that these techniques may take a bit more effort than lower-quality techniques like re-reading, highlighting, or making notes, but they know their efforts will be richly rewarded on results day.

They’re helpful….

Successful students believe that the more you teach others better you understand. They are always there for their classmates and cooperate with everyone.

They sharpen the saw….

Successful students follow all the habits over and over again to excel in all their endeavors.

Written By-

Chhavi Parashar (Parent of Ishani Parashar Class VIII)

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